Brightest Day

I just put Brightest Day Volume 3 on hold.  I hope that it is better than the first two.  I didn’t like how Martian Manhunter’s story went.  Kind of left a not nice feeling in my mouth.

Same thing with Firestorm.

I’m hoping that it was just because the stories aren’t complete yet.  I really wish that they didn’t take so long to publish in between volumes.

Can’t be any worse than Blackest Night though. Too MANY volumes.  The story got too convoluted for me.  And I read a lot of DC! I can’t imagine someone who is not as familiar with the characters, etc., trying to follow the multiple storylines withine multiple books.  I suppose that is a way for DC to get more money.


~ by JadeRaven on October 25, 2011.

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