Sad day for gaming in the library

I work in a public library that has featured teen gaming programs.  It has gone over very well here.  We have gained many volunteers out of these programs.

Last night, our XBox 360 was stolen.  We have not had many issues with burglary over the years, just a couple of instances.  It is sad that someone that knew how things operated took advantage of their knowledge. As a result, our programs will be on hiatus even longer.  Although we have a Wii as well, things will never be the same again.  More security procedures will be in place; volunteers will be limited in where they can go.

What creeps me out is that the individual tried to get in through my window.  Some people have no respect for other people’s property.  Especially since it’s the tax payer’s money.

We may get the XBox eventually somehow, but it still very aggravating.  I always take it personally when the library is robbed; whether it is situations like this, or people taking items out and blatantly not returning them.  Since it takes me a lot of time to put these items out, I get probably more upset than I should.  I suppose that it is better than not caring at all though.

UPDATE: The thief has been apprehended. and XBox has been recovered and is in police custody pending evidence issues. Yay!  The suspect is currently in jail, with $20,000 bond or $40,000 bail due to his other crimes. I am hoping that he can take the opportunity to get help, and get clean.


~ by JadeRaven on October 25, 2011.

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