Games that I am anxiously awaiting for….

First on my list would have to be Diablo III.  I know that the release date keeps getting pushed back, but it will be worth it.  The first two entries were so addictive; in fact I currently have a Hellfire game (unofficial add on to Diablo the first) going on my PC.  In fact, I think I shall play it later, after I play Mafia Wars 2 on Facebook.  (That’s the only app that I have).

Diablo II was/is awesome.  The graphics are 1000% better than the first, although the 1st is great for just going through levels and killing things.  D2 is very expansive, the storyline and visuals are stunning, and the difficulty settings are perfect.  The easy level is perfect for those starting off  or those who want to explore levels without fear of ambush.  The hardest level is challenging, but doable, especially if you are in the higher levels.

The side quests can be ignored, but I would recommend doing them so that you can get some awesome rewards.

Can you expect anything less from the creators of Starcraft 1 and 2? I think not.

Star Wars Kinect! Ok so this game is not necessarily getting the best ratings in previews, but still….it’s Star Wars, and you can swing at things!  As with all kinect games, make sure you leave plenty of room for movement.  By the time I recover fully from my hip surgery, the game should be out….and I can play my Kinect Joy Ride that I have been DYING to play.  Unfortunately, I have joint custody of said XBox Kinect with my husband, so I will have to bide my time.  Especially after Mass  Effect 3 comes out.  Another game that I am sure will be great.  Can’t go wrong with Commander Shepard. 

Street Fighter vs. Tekken for Nintendo DS:  At first, I thought this title was only coming out for the 3DS, so I was ecstatic when I read in my Game Informer (great mag, btw!) that it was also coming out for regular DS.  Street Fighter is one of my fave fighting games, and ever since Super Street Fighter IV came out, I have been waiting with baited breath for the next entry.  And don’t get me started on Tekken!  I still own most of the games (exluding the horrific spinoff with Nina) and the last entry was incredible.  Lily has some really great moves.  We’ll see what the SF vs T game has in store.

Soul Calibur V! I’m so excited that we decided to break down and get an XBox 360 now.  At the time that we purchased it, there really weren’t too many games that I was excited about.  My hubby is big into RPG’s, me: not so much. (Exception: aforementioned Diablo series.) He’s got his Dragon Age series, Fable series et al., which are great games in their own right, but not my thing. 

Anyway, SCV is also on my drool list.  I started out the SC series with the first one on the Dreamcast.  Graphics were ok, controls a bit sluggish.  But I remember it fondly; we used to play it with one of our best friends, who passed away suddenly two years ago.  I miss him terribly, and I would give anything to button mash a SC game with him. 😦  SCI is available via XBox Live Arcade, and of course I had to purchase it .  Amazing how different the graphics and movement ability is from the rest of the series.

II, III and IV were staples of my gaming days when they were first released, and have a tremendous replay value.  There are a lot that I still haven’t finished in the RPG-based modes of those two games.  But I have gamer’s ADD, so there was always something else coming down the shoot that I just HAD to play right away.

So SCV is supposed to take plae approx. 15 yrs after IV….so this should be interesting.  New and legacy characters, some with similar fighting styles to their predecessors, and other all-new fighting styles.  This should be good. I’m sure the graphics will be great as well.

Forza 4: I’m about halfway through the season on 3, and it is so good! Obviously I will finish the game first, but it’s always nice to have a follow up ready.  Of course, I haven’t even played my Need for Speed Shift yet, so I really should do that soon as well.

Oh the choices!


~ by JadeRaven on November 1, 2011.

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