G4 tv: Gaming channel?

There’s been a little controversy brewing over on Facebook regarding G4’s status as a gaming channel.  Some people are complaining that the new show Bomb Patrol: Afghanistan does not belong on that channel.

Why all the fuss now?  G4 plays old reruns of Cops, features Ninja Warrior regularly, and I don’t think those shows fall in the gaming category.

I think of the channel as being more technologically oriented as opposed to just being about gaming.  This is my own opinion, of course.  It boggles my mind that Direct TV doesn not carry the channel anymore because they deemed it “worthless”.  Isn’t that a form of censorship?  I have cable, so am not worried about it, but if I had Direct TV I would have dropped it immediately after that statement.  So they think MTV, VH1 and others contribute a lot to society?  Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with those channels, I do watch them occasionally (yay for the return of PoP Up Video!), but what is their definition of worthless?

I think that Bomb Patrol: Afghanistan deserves to be shown, regardless of whether we still are in the war or not.  These people have risked their lives to protect the freedom that we have. Except, apparantly, for Direct TV.

I, for one, support the G4 staff for showing us multiple aspects of our society, whether it is stateside or overseas. They still have lots of gaming shows, information on their website, and apps, so I don’t understand why it is such a problem for people to branch out.  Just a little bit of education goes a long way.

Again, my own opinion.


~ by JadeRaven on November 2, 2011.

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