Wii U?

So ever since this year’s E3, there has been buzz about Nintendo’s next gen console, the Wii U.  The controller will have a screen on it, as well as being connected to the tv.

I don’t know about this.  I know that they are trying to recoup from the failure that is the 3Ds, but I don’t think that adding what amounts to a big screen version of a DS is the way to go.  Now I could be completely off base here; it could end up being wildy successful like the original Wii was.  They are trying to keep the originality going that the other franchises have copied, one successful (Kinect), the other not so much (Playstation Move.)  I don’t think that they will achieve that here.   But we will see.

I’m ambivalent about the news of the “XBox Loop.”  It will feature a Windows 9 processor, and the features will actually be cheaper to produce than an XBox  360.  Of course, Microsoft has yet to confirm, but the console is expected to release in 2013.  That’s good news for me.  The money that we plunked down on our XBox 360 will still be relevant over a year from now.



~ by JadeRaven on November 9, 2011.

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