Star Wars The Old Republic

So hubby got into the ST: TOR Beta testing.  He was thrilled.  It took forever to download, and the graphics were kind of slow with the dialogue, but it may be that his computer is a little old.

Not sure if it is worth the $15 a month that it will cost to play it.  We’re definitely not investing in it.  We are waiting for the Star Wars Kinect to come out, but given that the release date has been pushed back, I’m not optimistic that it will live up to the hype.  I’m holding out hope though that it wil be worth the price.  I think that it will probably not be as good as the Star Wars series on Blu-Ray.  It was expensive, but what else do you expect from Mr. Lucas?  I’m wondering what he will come out with next in order to make some more dough.  I’m sure the deleted scenes and extras on the set are pretty good though.

I’ve been playing Hellfire still.  I had a really good level 35 Rogue going, but then a glitch happened and I lost the stuff that I had just gotten.  So I started all over again with a new character.  I created another rogue.  I like the distance attacks better; I just don’t have the patience to do close range, and having to worry about mana for the sorcerer.  I might try that again soon though.


~ by JadeRaven on November 16, 2011.

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