Mass Effect 3!

So we got into the early demo for the co-op Mass Effect 3.  Absolutely incredible!  The graphics are incredible, and although I haven’t played it myself yet {hubby currently has custody 🙂  } , watching him has made me practically drooling.. The one problem that I have observed so far, is that when the host drops out, the whole team server goes down, and they have to wait for a new host.

In other news, they have started showing commercials for Soul Calibur V.  Although the game is out now, I have to wait until I’m a little more financially stable to be able to go out and purchase the game for myself.  I am hoping that the library sytem may purchase it soon. (Yes! Libraries carry games, and may have video game programs and tournaments!)

Until next time,

Game On!


~ by JadeRaven on February 18, 2012.

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