Mass Effect 3 Redux

DLC for the ME3 to be released this week. “Extended Cut”: Will the ending be up to our standards? We just want a game with choices, that doesn’t screw us over whatever we decide.  Another shot is warranted, although I think a boycott of BioWare may be in the cards if it is not up to par. Yes I’m picky!

Vacation and Diablo III has gotten in the way of time with the 360 lately, but I am going to try to finish Tekken 6.  Never did beat that last boss! (Or Super Street Fighter IV, for that matter!) Fighting games used to be my forte, but I’ve gotten a little rusty.  I don’t consider myself a hardcore gamer; work and household stuff comes first, but I really dislike not finishing things.

Diablo III first on the list though!


~ by JadeRaven on June 24, 2012.

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