Torchlight 2!

Love it.  Some of the people from Blizzard  who worked on Diablo the first collaborated on this project, and you can tell.  The gameplay is similar, and even the music is similar.  I find that the quests are complicated enough, but the storyline is much better.  I have a level 16 outlander going at the moment.  Can’t wait to see where this goes!

I got my character up to 21 before realizing I had to create my own account. Back to the drawing board.  At least it goes quickly.


~ by JadeRaven on September 22, 2012.

One Response to “Torchlight 2!”

  1. After I got my own account, I was able to deeply explore the world that is familar to those who have played the original Torchlight. Although it is set in a different location (Torchlight was destroyed in the first clip in the game), the gameplay and fell of it should be familiar. It was very easy to grasp the way that the characters moved, leveled up, and used the pet for stashing loot so that you could keep on “slaying the beasties” without having to go to town a zillion times. I loved the steampunk feel of it; although the game was very similar to Diablo, complete with a very similar soundtrack, the steampunk was nothing I had ever encountered in other games. I completed the game on the original level with very little difficulty, but there is so much to explore with all the different side quests, that each time a game is played, you could take a different route. I have started over on the next level up with the excitement of what could possibly come next. Highly recommended.

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