Star Wars/Disney

The whole world is talking about Disney’s buyout of the Star Wars franchise.  The rumored Star Wars Episode VII that fans have been mumbling about for years has finally been confirmed that it is being made, for a tentative release in 2015.

As for myself, I am more than a little skeptical.  There have been rumors going around that the Big 3 are interested in reprising their roles.  I don’t think that this is a good idea.  How is this going to fit into continuity when there have been many books and graphic novels that have picked up where the story was left off in Episode 6?

This did work for the last Star Trek movie, but I think there is a lot more room for alternate story lines in that particular franchise, than this could possibly do with SW.  Plus, J.J. Abrams kicked arse.

I’m wondering how this could play out with games like Kingdom Hearts…incorporating the Star Wars characters.  Or Disney Villains vs. Star Wars….there are all sorts of possibilities, I suppose, that could go either way.

I will be watching the fallout, I mean, information that is released as they go, to see what they do, and if they do it well.


~ by JadeRaven on November 9, 2012.

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