Since I was so hooked on the Sims Freeplay right from the get go, I downloaded the Sims 3 app. Wow, what a difference in gameplay. While Freeplay is real time based, Sims 3 isn’t, so it takes much less time to go through quests and such.

It has a much more detailed interaction with other Sims, with many more choices you can use to be nice to them or piss them off.  In fact, the game encourages you to be funny, mean or just plain crazy to unlock more options.

It took me a bit to figure out that you can go fishing and sell your catches to add on to the paltry income you receive when you first start your career.  I chose to work at the supermarket, which started out fine until the game arbitrarily decided to kill me off by suffocating me under piles of unnecessary paperwork.  Fortunately, the game resurrects you after the shift; but obviously you haven’t been paid.

Looking forward to other twists and turns that the game will certainly put me through.


~ by JadeRaven on February 6, 2013.

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