Board Games…not just for kids anymore, AKA. TableTop, how much I do Love Thee…

If you haven’t already done so, subscribe to Geek & Sundry on YouTube.  Headed up by Felicia Day & Co, this multitude of daily geekiness includes their own YouTube channel, and plays games, reviews books & comics, & more.  The Nerdist is also a good source for geeky information.

One of my favorite corners of the Geek & Sundry is TableTop, hosted by Wil Wheaton.  Yes, THAT Wil Wheaton, of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and “Stand by Me” fame.  If you still don’t know who that is, turn in your geek badge right now, and step away from the computer.

One of my favorite games that I have picked up from TableTop is Pandemic.  I have never loved to lose at a game as much as this one. Think of it as Risk, except in a world full of disease.  The goal is to eradicate the various epidemics of the world as they pop up.  This is a co-op game; the character cards have different abilities that require mutual cooperation in order to survive. I think that we have only beat this game once. So much fun to play though; I rate it 5 out of 5.

International Gaming Day is once again upon us! This year to be held on November 16th, this event will take place at our usual spot: in the labyrinth beneath the library, AKA the Community Room.  We will once again have the board games that we had available last year (plus some new ones!), and the recently unlocked XBox and the Wii.  This is for all ages, so parents, bring your kids, and prepare to have fun yourselves! I won’t tell, I promise.


~ by JadeRaven on October 2, 2013.

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