Table Top Day (Part One)

Since tomorrow is Table Top Day, I am going to write about some of my favorite board/card games.  This is always a great way to “untether” from the TV and consoles, and spend time face to face with those you would otherwise be ignoring.

Pandemic: My favorite co-op board game.  The premise is to ex-ter-min-ate (See what I did there!*) various diseases from all over the globe. As city and epidemic cards continue to be drawn, plagues keep breaking out, until you either wipe them out, or the pandemic wipes everyone out.  If you really want to see a great example and demonstration of it, go to (Should be link to Wil Wheaton’s game!)

I love this. I am normally super competitive, but this is so awesome. It is a very rare game in that it is more likely that you will lose rather than win,but it is so worth the time to put into it.

Zombie Dice: Technically not a “board” game per say, but it is really a lot of fun if you don’t have a lot of room or time to play anything large.  You just need to roll the “zombie” dice, and the results determine if you should keep rolling, stop and count up “brains” or are shot in the head and killed, wiping away all points in that round. Although it is not meant to be overly frightening, the images may be a little disturbing for the young ones, so keep that in mind if you are planning a family friendly event.

*Doctor Who Monopoly: I specifically have the 50th Anniversary edition.  Classic Monopoly rules, with the Doctor Who theme.  This came out about a year before the 50th episode aired, so it was really based on the classic Doctor Who and not the actual episode. So there were no “Spoilers, sweetie”.I would be more likely to pull it out again to play, except that it’s a reminder of how long I have to wait before Season 8 begins, as well as still mourning the loss of the regeneration of Matt Smith to Peter Capaldi. But I digress. Moving on…

Parchesi: Sorry, but sometimes I really am in the mood for classics. This game has been around for FOREVER (and by that I mean my grandparents had one, and it was beat up then)! I consider it a go-to comfort game (like mac and cheese as a comfort food). There is something about landing on the same spot as your opponent and knocking them back to start that never gets old.

Since tomorrow is the actual Table Top Day,  I will post some more suggestions then.

Good night, and good gaming! (I’m sure someone has said that before…)


~ by JadeRaven on April 4, 2014.

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