Saturday D&D alternative

We normally get together at my house for our campaign of D&D on the first and third Saturdays of the month.  This has been a little sporadic lately due to health and other commitments. We have a nice motley group, and it’s always a blast with drinks and food that we always collaborate on.

This past Saturday, we only had two more people show up, so we decided to go off the beaten path and do something completely different, as we would have had too many characters to play besides ourselves.

After looking at different alternatives for a short one-off campaign, we decided on Trinity. It is a short sci-fi campaign. and we were getting into it, when we actually finished the demo.  We were a bit disappointed that it was done, and it was only around 9:30ish.

We decided to try different games that we had not played with this particular group.

First up: Star Fluxx, card game that was compared to the improvisation show, “Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Of which I absolutely adore.) The rules are: there really are no rules.  Cards played in each round consist of different rules that can be added to the current ones on the table, as well as goals. I really don’t care for this game too much; after a certain time of night my brain just shuts down. Maybe if it was a little earlier in the day, I would have been able to play better. Oh who am I kidding, I just am horrible at this one.

Then we moved on to Zombie Dice. It was a blast playing with more than two people (we had four). This took us to about 11:30. We had looked at some other possibilities but decided that it was too late to start anything more.  I think that next time we find ourselves short handed, we will try to play Castle Panic.

Castle Panic (along with Zombie Dice) was one of the most popular games at International Gaming Day back in November.  I thought that it was cool that the board and table games were really more popular than the Halo game that we had set up. Halo was played, but there was definitely more curiosity about the other games.

Next D&D date: tentatively scheduled for May 3rd, as we have other commitments. It is good to know, however, that even though we may not have a quorum per say for the campaign, we have other options that will be enjoyed.




~ by JadeRaven on April 8, 2014.

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