DOTA 2/Diablo III: Reaper of souls

The latest obsession in the household is DOTA 2. I think this is just killing time before Star Citizen comes out, but it seems to be a decent game. Make sure that you have good mics and headphones, or it could turn into interesting conversations, leading to almost knock out drag outs online over miscommunication. I’m not usually a fan of MOBAs (or MMOS) for that matter, but I usually willing to give things a shot.

My next quest is to get to Act V of Diablo III. I was under the misconception that you started right off there, but, nope. I had also completely forgotten that I had not even beaten the game on the PC, due to frustration of lag. Plus, my character had poor armor. Much work is needed to get my Demon Hunter up to par.  I do have to say that from what I have played, the rare drop items for character specific items have increased.  There is an additional character class, the Crusader.  I did play through the entire Diablo III on XBox 360, and it was awesome.  Apparently I forgot that I had not created the awesomeness that was my character.  We shall see soon enough, though.

If the playable game is anything like the opening cut scene, it will be quite chilling. I do appreciate that there is a map that opens now, so that you can go to different locations easier. The level cap is now set to 70, but the paragon level does not have a level cap.

Spoilers, Sweetie. I am going to discuss the plot of Diablo II.



This is what I would love to see happen:

I want Adria to bite the bullet. I will delight in watching her meet a tortuous death. I really liked Leah, and the way that she was used to bring about Diablo’s essence again was something that I will never forgive.


The graphics particularly in the high heavens were great, though, and I am hoping that Diablo III: Reaper of Souls will continue to be as haunting and addictive.


~ by JadeRaven on April 16, 2014.

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