Kickstarter projects–Star Citizen

One of the most anticipated gaming project that I have seen in the future (hopefully soon!) is Star Citizen. I have been skeptical about the whole idea of Kickstarter in the past, but the folks at Roberts Space Industries (RSI) are taking their time in order to get things right.

They are regularly showing their projects in demos, and it really looks fantastic. As of the beginning of April, they have raised more than $42 million.  For all their information (most pages written in futuristic dialogue), check out their website at

As you pledge at different levels, different ships are available to you.  Specs of each available ship to purchase or pledge towards are provided.

I recommend that you really take the time to check out their website.  The forums/chat are particularly well done, but there is so much to explore on the site in general.

The cosplay plan in my household is already in the works, complete with military uniform and greenscreen.

This should be huge, if numbers are forecast correctly.


~ by JadeRaven on April 23, 2014.

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