Hello Again/Long Live the Queen

So after a much longer than anticipated hiatus, I am back.  Many apologies for the delay.  Special thanks in advance to my new “Staff Writer” who will help to contribute to this blog.  After all, there are so many games, and so few hours in the day to play them!

I didn’t know I had this game! – Long Live the Queen

Chances are, if you have Steam, you have had the experience of one of many of the Steam sales and finding you’ve bought games you’ve never played.  This series is my attempt to go through some of these games and see what I’ve been missing.

Long live the Queen is an unusual game.  You start as a 14 year old girl whose mom, the queen, just died.  You are 40 weeks from your 15th birthday which is when you will be crowned queen in your mother’s stead, if you live that long.

In Long Live the Queen, your goal is just to survive 40 weeks.  It’s no small task considering almost everyone in the Kingdom wants you dead for some reason or another.  The game is set in an anime style similar to dating sims if you’re familiar with the genre.  You have 4 sets of 2 moods each that you have to manage as these affect your skills and your ability to learn new skills.  Oh, and you start with no skills at all.

I found this game strangely addictive as the strategy to play this is crazy and a lot of fun. First thing you need to remember is you will die and restart…a lot!  Save often and be prepared to restart from the beginning.  The second thing to remember, your character is going to fail at a lot of stuff, you need to make the choices of which skills are more important to your overall survival.  The last several times I’ve played, I’ve kept the wiki open to remind myself which skills are tied to which moods as it’s very easy to get confused.  If you don’t fancy playing games where you can expect to lose a lot, you can always try to see how many different ways you can die or fail (I’ve been shot by an arrow, poisoned, stabbed, killed by magic, and voted out of my kingdom by the rest of the nobility).

This is an enjoyable game and worth picking up off of Steam.  Just remember to actually play it!


~ by JadeRaven on October 22, 2014.

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