Hero of the Kingdom

I didn’t know I had this game! – Hero of the Kingdom

Next up in the continuing series of Steam games I hadn’t played whenever I bought them is Hero of the Kingdom.

This is a very short casual game that’s easy to pick up and play but don’t expect a lot from it.  The gameplay, while enjoyable, is not challenging.  The game also suffers from being short (about 4 hours long and I tend to be a completionist).  It also has the awkwardness of having a completely un-needed tutorial at the beginning which introduces a much overplayed story.  Sadly, the one bit I would have liked to know from the tutorial, wasn’t even a part of it.  That would be how to spot mushrooms (I did eventually figure it out).

The story starts you off as a young farm boy whose father recently left for a journey to the big city.  Your house is attacked by bandits and burned to the ground.  Having no other choice you must set off in search of your father while at the same time somehow becoming responsible for saving the kingdom.  The few twists here are so overplayed that I if someone told me the whole plot I would have a hard time figuring out what is a spoiler other than “that’s it?”

I did enjoy myself despite these objections and if it had been longer would have gladly continued playing.  However it really has zero re-playability so unless you are really bored or happen to pick this up as part of a bundle of other games, I would avoid it.


~ by JadeRaven on January 16, 2015.

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