Next Gen Gaming, coming to a library near you

So the time has now come for me to make suggestions on what games to purchase for the library’s collection.

According to what I observe in my little corner of the reference world, XBox 360 and Wii are very consistent. PS3/PS2 not so much. That makes it difficult; do they not circulate because they aren’t seen there? We try to do everything we can to let everyone know that anything (well, almost anything) can be ordered through any of the other libraries to be delivered to their own library.

But let’s face it: the browsing collection is pretty small; we don’t have space and we don’t have a big budget. But if we can’t grow our collection at all in comparison to the other collections in the library; how can we expect it to thrive?

So here, again, is my dilemma.  I know that the Wii U is in huge demand here, so it’s almost a no brainer that I start purchasing some for our own collection. But should we make the jump to the XBox One? I have no stats yet as to whether they are requested here or not; and PS4 is pretty much dead in the water here.

Also, as we are trying to revive yet again interest in programs here, we are trying to jump start our video game programming. There is no way that I can ever justify getting a new console being that we have no teens coming yet, and no budget.

So I still have to purchase some Wii and XBox 360 games just to have something new to try on the consoles that we do have. I just have absolutely no time to look over pages of Game Informer (I love it to bits though!) and I’m pretty sure people would have a problem if I stayed on too long.

The Minecraft program that I did a couple years back was easiest the largest turnout I have ever had, and, obviously, that game has not stopped growing. I am attempting to start a game on my own XBox 360 so that I can feel like I am more “with it”; because let’s face it: I just can’t keep up. There is just too much going on in the world of smartphones, tablets and other mobile options that I have to also keep up on. (Hello eBook course in the Spring of 2015 taught by me–EEK!)

Not only have I hinted at maybe getting the Diablo III expansion for XBox 360 (especially since my character is now paragon level 2–and growing) so have gone back to a bit more console gaming, I have this tremendous urge to break out my DSiXL and play some old school Mario. Or hook up the N64. Why are there only 24 hours in a day?

I hate to think that I am hitting a midlife crisis; between wanting to play the latest and greatest, or plopping down for a marathon PAC-Man Championship DX (I thought I had unlocked all the levels–seems I have about 6 more–thanks XBox Live updates).

I guess I’ll have to accept that every day will have it’s own gaming mood–zen, if you will.

And that, my friends, is all for tonight.


~ by JadeRaven on January 21, 2015.

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