Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja

I recently brushed the dust off my Nintendo DSiXL; literally, I had not played it since I got my iPhone about two years ago.

While researching for games purchase for the library (see a previous post), I really got in the mood for some Nintendo time.  I played some MarioKart; and then perused my collection of DS Games.

I found my “Izuna”, both the original and the sequel “The Unemployed Ninja Returns”, and knew I had my next time waster.

Izuna is similar to an old school Final Fantasy style dungeon game. The characters are recently unemployed ninjas who anger local gods, so they have to visit them one by one; through various dungeons, until they are appeased.

It took me a little bit to figure out the strategy of using the talismans and different equipment on various characters; the game is a bit more strategic then finding the most powerful weapon you can and than hack and slash.

There are various talismans that can add different elements to your weapon; plus there is the option of using the talisman on its own when facing an enemy for an immediate effect. I prefer to use the talisman on the weapon to increase damage. There are foes that have the unfortunate power of “wrapping you up” so that you can not use a talisman during a level; which is particularly annoying with the Kikan talisman; this game’s equivalent of a town portal. What I do find annoying is that your inventory is extremely limited; you can only carry 20 items with you. As a result, I end up carrying 2 Kikans (because there are traps and enemies that can fry them up), several Likeness items (restores SP), and healing orbs. That requires a bit of time during dungeon traveling to stop and pick up an item; figure out if it is worth more than what I’ve got, and discarding an item. That also takes up an action; since it is turn based.

The added advantage of the sequel is that you are tag teaming with another character; you can switch out when a different strategic attack is needed, and each combination of characters has a powerful tag attack, which really comes in handy versus multiple opponents.

The replayability on both these games is high; particularly in the second where there are quite a few characters to choose from in order to tag team.

If you can get a hold of these games, I highly recommend them; but try to start with the first due to plot points.


~ by JadeRaven on January 28, 2015.

3 Responses to “Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja”

  1. I got this game when I was 13 and wasted hours playing it. I wish I would have saved my DS instead of selling it for the 3DS… I COULD HAVE BOTH

    • I honestly never have felt the need to get a 3DS. I have all the other Nintendo handhelds, and I really am content with the regular DS, and the Advance in order to play really old school games.

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