PlayStation One Retro Gaming

We recently hooked up our PS One to our HD TV just for kicks, and it seems to have breathed a new life into it for me.

The graphics are similar to an old Apple IIe for me, but actually not too bad on a larger screen. I think what killed it for me was the advent of the PS 2, and the acquisition of an Xbox.

I was playing a little bit of Grand Theft Auto 2 last night, and was having way too much fun with it. I enjoy it because it is a throwback to when I was in college, and life was a lot less complicated at the time. It was also more cartoon-like; I’m not a big fan of the later versions that are more realistic. I prefer my games to be more of an escape from reality.

Later I tried a bit of Crash Bandicoot, which I absolutely loved.  The music is catchy, and the early 3D graphics are actually pretty good for when it was originally released; not much different than the N64.


~ by JadeRaven on June 15, 2016.

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