Awesome Con 2017 Wrap Up

Hi again!

It’s great to be back in blog-land. Real life got in the way for a bit, but I shall attempt to be a bit better about updating the blog in the future.

So what happened in the meantime? Awesome Con!

Headlining this year’s event was David Tennant, of Doctor Who and Broadchurch fame (and my big fan girl crush). I got a photo op with him, and he’s so inhumanly nice, it’s ridiculous.

Catherine Tate (Donna Noble, “Doctor Who”) was fantastic to listen to. She does a lot with comedy, so her panel was like attending a comedy show.

Speaking of comedy, if you ever get a chance you should definitely see John Barrowman (“Doctor Who”, “Arrow”). His panel was raunchy, but I was laughing so hard I was in tears. He attends many conventions, so if he ends up in your neck of the woods, go!

Besides the panels, there was the usual vender and exhibit hall. This year, it was so crowded it was difficult to see much and it was easier to just give up on getting to the booth we wanted, as opposed to muscling our way through. Food was inaccessible, we ended up leaving and going to Chinatown. That wasn’t the end of the world though, it was only one stop up off the Metro and we had some really nice authentic sushi.

All in all, great experience at Awesome Con, with the caveat that I think they are outgrowing the layout they currently use, and don’t get great dates (this year was on Father’s Day weekend, but next year is on Easter Weekend!)

See you all soon!


~ by JadeRaven on July 17, 2017.

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